for the curious

I like to read.  Mostly I read romances, but I read historical mysteries and some non-fiction, too.

I like to garden.  For me, this pretty much means putting plants out and seeing if they survive.  Alba roses have done well for me.  In addition to roses I grow various fragrant herbs and other flowers.

Some of my WordPress comments before creating this blog have been about books I’ve read, and some about a TV show.  I wanted to make a post people could go to to learn a little about me.  I use “neyronrose” for a couple of other journals.

“Neyronrose” comes from the name of a Hybrid Perpetual rose, ‘Paul Neyron’.  I chose it as a name because sometimes it’s called the Neyron rose.  It was so popular in Victorian times that there was a color called Neyron pink.


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